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Ogun Government Reassures Completion of Agbado-Oke Aro-Akute Road

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Responding to a video featuring 500 pastors urging Governor Dapo Abiodun to fulfill his re-election promise of rehabilitating the Agbado-Oke Aro-Akute road, the Ogun State government confirmed its ongoing efforts in the road’s rehabilitation.

According to Engr. Ade Akinsanya, the State Commissioner for Works and Infrastructure, the government has prioritized road construction, having completed over 600 kilometers since taking office in 2019.

Additionally, half of the Alagbole-Sango Ota road has been completed, with plans for the remaining stretch included in the current budget. Budgetary challenges and rising construction costs have caused slight delays, which the government is actively addressing.

The government also called on residents to meet their tax obligations and support its efforts in delivering essential services to the community.

Akinsanya said: “With respect to completing the project to relieve the pains of our people and infuse a new lease of life into the area, we are on the same page with the clerics captured in the video demanding action on the road.

“It is the constitutional responsibility of the government to provide good roads for the people of Ogun State, and it is a fact that the Ogun State government under Prince Dapo Abiodun has invested heavily on roads.

“This particular road, Alagbole to Sango Ota, is about 32 km, and the government has already done 16 km out of it. More importantly, it is also captured in the 2024 budget.

“However, the budgetary provision based on the reality on the ground, particularly in relation to forex, is inadequate. The cost of asphalt, granite, and other materials have spiked, and so the government is looking at a way of bridging the cost gap. As we all know, a project initially billed to cost N1bn may cost more than double nowadays. Therefore, it requires a lot of reengineering.

“Rather than engage in subtle blackmail and character assassination, what we need are concerted efforts to put the economy back on track.

“The citizenry must also support the government to get out of the economic quagmire by paying their taxes.

“Statistics show that most residents of the area are not captured in the tax net. They should support the government by paying their taxes when due to help them better.”