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The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) has urged Nigerians to ignore speculations of impending nationwide petrol scarcity.

Concise News reports that in a statement issued by Ndu Ughamadu, NNPC spokesman on Thursday, the corporation says such rumours were “tales fabricated by mischief makers with intent to create undue panic in the prevailing sanity in the fuel supply and distribution matrix across the country”.

“The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) has once again appealed to Nigerians to disregard trending social media report of an impending fuel scarcity due to the purported refusal by some oil marketers to lift products from depots,” the statement reads.

The oil corporation reassures Nigerians that it already has an ample stock of over one billion litres of petrol, with over two billion litres secured for April through imports of 48 vessels with each having a capacity of 50 million litres of petrol.

It stresses that there is “no need for panic buying or hoarding of petroleum products in anticipation of a phantom scarcity.”