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For a long time, I’ve been having low time space to concentrate and follow up with issues on this space due to obvious economic reasons. I’ve decided to re-engineer my schedule and invest my time and resources on personal development for better economic income and productivity, which I advice many to follow suit.

Once upon a time, I glance through a post criticizing BAT’s policy and recent economic hardship on our national space.

While I empathize with Nigerians, and citizens on the recent embattled food scarcity, I will like us to take our lessons as a body.


As a professional with mathematical background and social science knowledge, I want to develop my discourse from the root, and not the surface, like others that doesn’t see beyond the surface (which is understandable).

I notice that BAT realized that he only has four years in his position (before a possible re-election), and he has resumed to “CHANGE THE SYSTEM”, and not to continue the usual pattern of just infrastructural contracts and construction.

Unfortunately, the system is fighting back. Those that controls the power, doesn’t feel good with BAT’s style, pattern, and steps. Which is a natural law of life about powerful people

Unfortunately, it’s expected from learned people to look deeply, think deeply, and get more informed, about the steps and pattern taken by the present administration, rather than just criticize the surface realities with good English composition, and obvious experience. Criticizing the situation from the surface will not help the support needed and the positive energy needed from the people to contribute to the economy and the society.

You will bear with me that in the last 8 years, one third of CBN fund are expended on Agriculture, while Nigeria has been clamoring for “DIVERSIFICATION OF OUR SOURCE OF INCOME & ECONOMY”, through many interceding funds from “Anchor borrower”, to “FADAMA”, to “CBN Fishery intervention”, “To SUBSIDIZE FERTILIZERS”, etc…. Most of these funds went to the NORTHERN PART of this country, as they are known farmers, and with their NORTHERN CONNECTIONS from the PRESIDENCY.

To compliment the effort of the fund released and resources expended, PMB ordered the closure of borders and importation of food, and we are all aware of the rumors of the northern borders

Fast forward to 8 years later, BAR orders investigation and accounting of the past CBN agricultural funds, and the result we are experiencing is scarcity of food, high rise of food, insecurity on the farm land, etc

Has anyone notice that, of recent, it’s only the NORTHERN PEOPLE that are selling YAM, BEANS, DRY PEPPER, CUCUMBER, WATER MELON, ONION, ORANGES, etc in our different streets?

How is that the fault of YORUBA LOKAN?

Officially, Nigeria has stopped importation of foods for the past 6 years.

Can anyone tell us those that has been making profits on agricultural products and commerce since then?

Can anyone tell us what changed in our food production from 2023 to 2024, even while we are not importing?

Can anyone that has experience in farming tell us if arable farming and cash crops takes few months or years to produce crops for harvesting and why they are no more in the market?

Can anyone tell us why Yorubas refuse to farm or why our state governments are not monitoring our farm production rates?

Can anyone tell us the statistics of Yorubas in farms, and their capabilities to feed themselves?

What is the leading control measures from our state government on the commerce of farm produce?

If we start producing our foods and meeting our agricultural needs, what impact will exchange rate (dollars), and fuel subsidy has on our agricultural economy?

Nigeria has other MINERAL RESOURCES, and the NORTHERN POWER BLOCs are afraid that BAT is gradually taking the pattern and steps to take away their awoofs, and they are fighting back through “insensitive people”


What I’ve learnt in the present Nigeria situation is that, I need to find a space in my house to grow my basic foods, else this wicked NORTHERN PEOPLE will starve us to death whenever they so wish.

I want to implore our state and local governments to be FACTUAL, REALISTIC, and be STATISTICAL on our INVESTMENTS ON AGRICULTURE than just paper works and news media hearing. This is what we should start clamoring for, and not to continue the blame game on BAT, APC or PRESIDENCY.

Although, I’m not here to DEFEND BAT, but I’m surprise with the way we allow recent happenings to lead our critique from the surface and not from the root.

Someone is on the seat of power trying to equate power for the SOUTH, and the SOUTH are seeing things from the surface. O ma se ooo

People should wise up, and let’s get awake to the strategy of getting what we deserve in this country.


Taiye TAIWO, mnis.

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