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Nigerian born Broadcaster and Playwright Dare Adedotun, the Team Leader of Integrity Campaign 2.0 in this encounter with Tropic Reporters Correspondent, Adejola Adeyemi Crown spoke about promoting ethical principles and behaviours to enable a sane society and their new project Integrity Campaign 2.0 slated for September 29 at Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library Main Auditorium, Abeokuta. Excerpts… 

There are so many things we would like to know… This campaign is tagged integrity 2.0 , which means this might not probably be the first show…Kindly oblige us it’s beginning?

Thank you for the opportunity to be here. The project began in May 2019 with 26 Secondary School students defining Integrity in different ways in not more than one minute each. It was held at Spices Hall, Oke Ilewo, Abeokuta, Ogun State and it was graced by stakeholders in educational and youth development sector. 

Awesome… How do you come about the concept of Integrity , and what message are you trying to preach ?

I am a Publisher and author, what I do is to right the wrongs in the society. I discovered that moral decadence is on the increase, Nigerians are not respected, so there is need to let people know that it pays to do the right thing always, so that our image as people can be protected, in and out of the country. People in work places, home or school want to deal with anyone they can trust. So, the essence is to build an army of youths and adults alike who will always imbibe ethical and moral principles. It doesn’t matter if you have a bad, rough or unpleasant past, what matters is choose to think before you act, and it must show high level of uprightness. 

Do you think integrity Is fashionable in this world of ours riddled with a lot of decadence ?

Moral decadence may have eaten deep into the fabrics of our national life, should we then allow it to destroy us ? No, we must speak out. It is achievable, especially when we deemphasize material acquisition for decency, a good name is better than silver or gold. A good name takes you far, hence the need to protect it with your moral standing. 

What segment of the society are your target audience and why ?

The young and old, no matter who you are or what you do, in any aspect of the economy, you must have integrity, Starting with students in our first campaign is just about catching them young.

What are the successes recorded in the very first edition, in terms of set target ?

Each of the 26 students who participated was awarded gifts and certificates, to encourage them. Each of them was made integrity ambassador with the sole aim of propagating moral principles among their peer, and they were equipped with tips to reach out to other students during literary and Debate. 

Great… What is the major flank of this second edition in terms of theme , and line up of activities ?

The theme is “Before You Act, Think Integrity”. Hence, in human interaction you need to check and recheck if what you are about to do or say will contribute to personal or societal growth, We have lined up: Lecture, to be delivered by the National Librarian, Prof Lenrie Olatokunbo Aina, Première of video, shot by undergraduates across Ogun State and awards (those who stand out or have exhibited traits of integrity) A student of Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Abeokuta who found and retuned money will be recognized ditto to a police officer who found and returned a phone, stage performances, Ogun State First Lady, Her Excellency Mrs Bamidele Abiodun will deliver the keynote address. We also expect some traditional institutions, religion leaders and critical stakeholders as Dr. Niran Malaolu, CEO of Boot Communications Limited operator of Rockcity 101.9FM, Abeokuta will chair the occasion

How do people sign up to be a partaker?

It is Free. No pays to enter. As for volunteers, they should call to be part of the event. 

What do you expect from members of the public in terms of sponsorship, what has been the situation and how?

Hmmm. There is no sponsorship, just few individuals supporting and small scale businesses donating educational materials for the undergraduates. It’s quite funny how shows which do not preach morals get sponsorship and we crusaders of what is right struggle to organize shows, but I believe we need to push harder, to make the companies key into it soon, because calls are encouraging now. 

How can people be part of the integrity team ?

They can signify interest, and sign up to always do the right thing when no one is watching. 

What is the composition of members, are they men of integrity ?

This is a very tough question actually, because it also affects me as a person, I may not be a person of integrity, but by agreeing to take up this challenge I have become a mirror, anything I do, people watch. Even when no one is there, I have the integrity clause guiding me. So, I expect team members to decide to be on the part of uprightness because anything they do speaks a lot about the project.

Good… Would you say you are encouraged by the support so far received ?

Yes, by the members and non members, I am also indebted to the First Lady of Ogun State, Mrs Bamidele Abiodun, she is my first moral Booster. 

Why is it that we keep on holding programmes like this but our society keeps deteriorating, there is no sign of change?

Change is not sudden. It may seem unnoticeable at the moment, but if we don’t relent we will get there. 

Is the programme and annual event or periodic? 

By the 2.0., it is coinage. It means edition. It is not annual but periodic. 

What is the venue, time and date of the event?

The Integrity Campaign 2.0 event is slated to hold on Sunday 29th September, 2019 at Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library Main Auditorium, Abeokuta, Ogun State by 2pm prompt.