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Young vibrant and highly creative comedian, Miss. Ashafa Salamot [Small Mummy] in this encounter with Tropic Reporters Correspondent, Adejola Adeyemi Crown at her Orile – Agege residence in Lagos, she spoke on issues concerning her comedy life and emergence into the entertainment industry. 

“I got engaged in my first comedy skit just to correct the behaviour of my elder brother who as at then see no reason why he should attend either Church or Mosque and ever since then I have been doing comedy”. Excerpts… 

Can we meet you? 

My name is Ashafa Salamot popularly known as Small Mummy. I am a 7 – year old comedian, actress and an entertainer from Orile – Agege, Lagos State. I am a pupil of Bunmi Alao Memorial International School in Basic Three. I was born into the family of Mr. and Mrs. Ashafa in a family of four (3 boys and 1 girl) and I happened to be the only female and the last born in the family.

As the only girl Child in the Family, how was growing up like? 

Sincerely, growing up between men was not easy because I have to cope with their behaviours not to even to mention when I dress like male just to look like them unlike my usual female gender. I am always glad having three males as brothers because it gives me confident to walk relaxed in the community without any intimidation. 

What brought you into comedy? 

I have never thought of comedy because all my focus was to face my academics squarely without any side attractions aside my extra school curriculum activities, but as God will have it, I got discovered by my elder brother during one of our playing activities in the house then at age four (4) where I acted like a prophetess in a short video skit.

Although the video was not intentional, I just felt I needed to correct the bad behaviour of my elder brother who does not attend either Church nor Mosque as all he does was to spend quality time on social media platforms. So I put on a white cloth and started praying for him and I said, every spirit of Facebook, Instagram, YouTube in the life of my brother should go out now by fire (in Yoruba). So he was surprised with the way I delivered the words of prayer and he recorded it then posted it on Instagram just to make fun of it but that launched me into the world because it ended up being my first official comedy video skit and it went viral and that was how the journey of comedy started and ever since then I have been doing comedy in various categories both in school activities and corporate events.

We know you with White Garment, what is the secret behind this and the choice of name? 

I picked the name “Small Mummy” when I acted like a prophetess to address the ills of my brother not minding that I was not up to his age and ever since I have been using it in virtually all my comedy skits due to my small stature.  

You also double as an actress, what brought about this? 

This is God’s project like I have been saying on different interviews that I have granted. Sincerely, it all started from the short video I posted on social media platforms which was well accepted from major parts of the country.  Then I was invited for a movie contest which brought me into limelight as I acted in the movie titled “Ghost and The Tout” by Toyin Abraham. Since then I have been acting with different movie directors. 

As an actress, comedian and a growing entertainer, how have you been managing the responsibilities?

God has been taking control as it has not been easy for upcoming like me but since it’s what I have passion for, I have always been doing it with full joy. 

How do you feel about people’s view about stand-up comedians?

I feel extremely happy for what I am doing and I really don’t mind how people feel in as much as I derive joy and pleasure in what i am doing. Although I feel good when people appreciates me for the good jobs I have been doing since my emergence into the entertainment industry. The feedback I receive on daily basis has been my strength and I have always been taking to constructive corrections made by fans and loved one which has been helping me to move forward in the competitive entertainment world.  

How long does it take you to prepare your comedy idea? 

It depends on the area or concept of the proposed comedy skit. Although I take some of my ideas from happenings in the environment and some other national issues which I develop with other corrective measures from my elder brother before shooting. 

How long have you been doing comedy? 

I have been doing comedy for about 4 years and still counting. 

Do you think having a career in comedy good enough? 

Yes, it’s what one can hold on to for a life time aside education qualifications. The world today is moving towards entertainment and one needs to take ample advantage into such lucrative area. So I can pursue a career in comedy because I love to make people laugh without losing the moral lessons in what I preach. 

Where do you hope to see yourself in the next five years? 

With the rate at which I am growing in the industry, I hope to see myself as a great comedian and actress in the years to come as I will also like to do comedy with outstanding comedians who has made impact and landmark achievements in the entertainment world. 

Is any of your classmate taking after you? 

Yes, I have many of them developing interest in what I do as a young comedian and that gives me lots of joy. 

Which of the popular stand up comedians that you have been privileged to work with? 

I have been opportune to share stage with Kennyblaq, Eteyecomedian, MC Black, Funny Man, Seun Barbra etc. 

How do you unwind? 

If I am not in school session and I am not doing comedy skit. I read books and play with peers in the environment. 

What advise do you have for children like you who might have interest in comedy? 

Sincerely, they should identify where their interest matters. There is no dream without a purpose. They should see reasons why they should showcase the gift that God has deposited in them to better their community and nation at large. Children should take their academics seriously as no one can spice up his or her raw talents without education. I urge them to take school activities serious and also have respect and serve as obedient children to their parents. Thank you