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Permit me to stand on the existing protocol..

I want to begin by thanking the Organizer of this great event for recorgnizing Asiwaju Dapo Wahab foundation’s positive impact on the society , infact the foundation impact accounting was discovered by the leadership of celebrity crush TV through social media this is pointer to the fact that , the theme of this year event is carefully chosen , that is.. *the* *power* *of* *social* *media* . I give you kudos for your unrelenting efforts at shaping our society in a good direction.

Social media have played a very vital role through focusing on communication, collaboration, interaction, Community based inputs etc. Although despite its immense advantages , its negative impact cannot be overemphasized such as FOMO: _fear_ _of_ _missing_ _out_ and JOMO: joy of missing out.. misrepresentations, misplaced video evidences, among others.

In particular social media, such as whatsapp, instagram, facebook etc , have made our foundation positively , the impact which has been tremendous for instance it has made our foundation reached large number of audiences. It has also given us a yardstick to evaluate our performances both at local and international level for example Asiwaju Dapo Wahab foundation according to the *global* *impact* appraisal is one of the 100 best NGOs in AFRICA, this discovery was made through social media.

Furthermore , we evaluate our performance every day based on the comments from our audience ,also we receive daily thoughts, feelings and insights online this development has helped us build trust on our activities and its positive impact on the society.

Social media as a powerful revolution had been used by our foundation to change the lives of underprivileged individuals by finding their voices . Our efforts at connecting with like – minded persons across the globe had made possible through the power of social media. To verify how great the social media had contributed to the development and growth of our foundation , simply type: asiwaju Dapo Wahab foundation on your goggle , facebook, instagram page among others.

I want to urge youths to implore the benefits of social media to make them productive citizens and leaders of tommorow not in a way capable of destroying their futures and society at Large. In addition parents should pay adequate attention to their styles of parenting and influence of social media on their children , we have all seen the negative impacts of social media on the teenagers, so pathetic!

Once again On behalf of Asiwaju Dapo Wahab foundation I appreciate the board of trustees of celebrity crush Tv for this opportunity bestowed on us to come and give short speech on the theme of this year celebration , we at the foundation indeed express our gratitude for the prestigious award showered on the foundation.

Wishing you greater years of celebration.

Thank you for listening ladies and Gentlemen.

ADWFoundation: 2022.