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Some Nigeria Lawyers has tell President Buhari what he must do differently in his second tenure in office 

Creation of State Police should be his priority – Prof. Ojukwu, SAN

A second term for President Buhari offers a great opportunity for him to write his name down in history as the leader that changed Nigeria positively. I dream of a Buhari regime that will tackle headlong the issue of security which has become the most challenging subject of governance. I hope the President will pay greater attention to this and “personally” take charge especially with the crimes of kidnapping and murders by herdsmen in parts of the country. In that wise, the President should as a matter of urgency, approve the principle of having State Police and support the necessary constitutional, legal and executive actions to make it happen. This should be treated by the President as most urgent. I am happy that the President has himself recently raised the amber on obedience to rule of law and court decisions. I will like to see the President’s executive orders on this and actual enforcement and obedience to rule of law by political and public service leaders no matter the status. We cannot survive as a democratic nation without adherence to rule of law, including the very important obedience to court decisions and independence of the judiciary. I commend the actions of government so far at stabilising our economy and building infrastructure across the country. I commend his government on the fight against corruption. But in this second term, I hope President Buhari will do more on these frontiers, improve employment opportunities for our citizens and reduce poverty, continue with greater impetus on the reconstruction of our decayed infrastructure and take more appropriate measures to really begin a real fight against corruption, especially on the fronts of re-orientation, education and community involvement. I pray that the President will appoint honest men with real capacity as his Ministers and other leaders to assist him focus on the enormous responsibility of governing Nigeria today and in so doing, do everything within the principle of merit to be sure every part of the country feel included in governance.

Adoption of 2014 National Conference very vital– Ozekhome, SAN

President Buhari, before the much awaited Election Petition Tribunal judgment must quickly take Nigeria out of the social, economic and political doldrums he and his APC government have sunk it. He should be more nationalistic in his approach to governance; less sectional, less partial, nepotic, cronystic and prependalistic. He should drop his stiff garb of suffocating military imperiousness and jackbootism and know that he is now supposed to be a democrat, subject to due process of law, with the attendant democratic safeguards. Buhari should allow rule of law to flourish, learn to obey court orders and respect citizens’ cherished and inalienable fundamental human rights. Buhari must, as president of a whole nation, drop his 97 per cent/5 per cent bellyaching mantra and endeavour to be less divisive and vindictive; and treat all Nigerians equally and as one, whether they presumably voted for him or not. He must stop promoting the superiority, suzerignty and sovereignty of his ethnic group over and above the other more than 350 ethnic groups in Nigeria. He must give democracy dividends to the Nigerian people through the provision of adequate security (section 14 of the 1999 Constitution), robust economy and infrastructure development. He should think outside the box of how to fight corruption, as his performance in this regard has been woeful, selective, exclusionary and favoritism-based. Nigeria is more corrupt today than ever before (according to latest Transparency International Corruption Perception Index). Where corruption could be said to have been “democratized” by previous governments before him, corruption under Buhari has been greatly ”privatised” by a few high-headed cabalistic elements. Thus, corruption money, unlike before now, no longer circulate, or sip down to the common people. It has been hijacked, privatised and held down by the jugular by these few elements at the precincts and corridors of temporary power. More importantly, Buhari should dust up the over 600 ground- breaking recommendations of the 2014 National Conference scripted by 491 delegates from across Nigeria (wherein I was a Federal Government delegate, and voted “Cicero of the 2014 National Conference”) and implement them. Some of the most important amongst them is the vexed but overdue issue of devolution of powers and restructuring of the unworking Nigerian contraption, to become a truly fiscal and federal system of government.

Nothing will change under Buhari – Falana

With a comatose economy, with insecurity and unemployment, with detention of citizens without trial, with disobedience of court orders and official impunity all over the place, nothing will change during President Buhari’s second term.

Security and energy should be key focus – Ojo

The paramount priority is security and energy. Once the government solves security issues, there is peace, security of lives and property, investors can come in with their investments and grow the economy and jobs for unemployed graduates. With electricity in place, industries will improve. This will drive the economy of the country. The manufacturing companies, tailors, vulcanisers and others will get something doing and they will be able to feed their families and pay school fees. Otherwise, restiveness will be the order of the day. Idle mind will engage in cultism, yahoo etc and will stretch the anti-graft bodies to breaking point. The government must as a matter of urgency, address these key issues. If the government solves security and electricity issues, that will be fantastic. Even the first lady raised alarm on the issue of insecurity in the country. This shows the extent and enormity of the problems.

Appointment of right persons as ministers key to development – Omodele

Before and during the swearing in of President Buhari on May 29, 2015, expectations were high. However, few months after the swearing in, many Nigerians were a bit disappointed due to style of governance and the unexpected economic hardship. Despite these, Nigerians still elected him for another four years. Therefore, it is expected of the administration to correct the mistakes of the last four years. He should add more value and show concern for citizens, give priority to education at all levels, create an avenue to discourage wasting of government resources, sanitize all sectors of the administration in terms of corruption, make Nigerians smile about their take home, encourage more Nigerians to participate in agriculture, ensure the aviation sector works, ensure availability of petroleum products, among others. The president should appoint ministers who have the interest of Nigeria and Nigerians at heart.

Inclusive policies and government is vital -Ubani

On my expectations on the president on his second tenure, I wish him to address the issue of energy, roads, railway, unemployment, inflation, foreign exchange and interest rates in the economy. On security, decentralise the structure of the Police and ensure that crime is detected and fought with technology. On corruption fight, let him discover all the avenues through which the elite steal from the system and block them. They steal through security votes, local government funds and bogus award of contracts, he should stop them from using these methods. Furthermore, those who are caught stealing should be dealt with through a strengthened judicial system. On a final note, the president must run an inclusive government, reconcile the entire country through humane and inclusive policies that will propel growth for the country. He must address Nigeria’s problems with every sense of urgency all the time. Let him surround himself with technocrats with sense of patriotism to move the country forward.

Wastage must be discouraged – Ufeli

My expectations on Buhari’s second term are that he should deliver on the promises of democracy that he made to Nigerians. He has sworn to an oath for the second time even when he is yet to deliver on the economy, security and corruption as he promised in his first term under the change agenda. The president should improve on the security strategy of the country, develop a smart system through technology to address the situation and deploy the requisite incentives, welfare packages and equipment to the armed forces. In so doing, he would have created an enabling environment for farmers to return to their farms and traders will return to their businesses and displaced citizens can go back to their homes. This will revive the economy and production will increase and the informal sector of the economy will find its bearing and the citizens will once again come alive. While government succeeded in chasing the insurgents (Boko Haram) to a point, the resurgence of the herdsmen concomitantly threw the nation into turmoil and this hasn’t been addressed. Buhari must address this now.

Source: vanguard

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