Richlife Properties Introduces Affordable Housing Plans To Address Housing Deficit In Ogun, Others


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Richlife Properties Limited, an estate developer, has launched affordable housing plans in Abuja, Lagos, Ogun, and other Southwest States to assist in reducing the housing deficit in Nigeria.

The company aims to tackle challenges related to urbanization and affordability, offering every Nigerian the chance to own a home in a secure and peaceful environment meeting global standards.

Through their initiative, Nigerians can easily acquire properties in desired locations, especially in Abuja, Lagos, and Ogun States, and build homes tailored to their preferences.

At the unveiling of the Smart Homes Apartment Project in Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital during the weekend, the CEO, Bankole Oluwaseyi Babatunde, emphasized the company’s commitment to providing affordable housing options, particularly for low-income families, to bridge Nigeria’s housing gap.

“We aim to revolutionize the real estate sector in Nigeria by adding significant value. Our focus is on enhancing the built environment through accessible payment options,” he explained.

He continued, “Richlife Properties Limited prioritizes convenience, striving to streamline processes within the industry.”

“Having thoroughly researched industry challenges, we’re introducing the Smart Homes Apartment Project in Abuja, Lagos, and Ogun State to address these issues. Our emphasis is on providing secure ownership, clear title documents, and affordability,” Bankole emphasized.

“Our range of studio apartments, mini-flats, 2-bedroom, and 3-bedroom apartments offer convenience and affordability regardless of location,” he added.

“We’re facilitating accessibility with a minimum deposit of 100,000 naira and flexible payment plans spread over 10 years.”

Bankole elaborated on the company’s flexible plans, highlighting their effectiveness in addressing challenges encountered by prospective property owners, such as issues with land ownership and the menace of land grabbers.

He emphasized that the company has diligently safeguarded the interests of its clients and the general public by securing sole rights to all properties subscribed to by customers to ensure peace of mind for investors and instills confidence in the integrity of the company’s offerings.

During the opening ceremony for the Smart Homes Apartment Project, Margret Eniola Isaiah, who serves as both Brand Ambassador and Country Director, explained that the company’s main goal is to tackle housing problems.

She emphasized that their approach prioritizes making housing solutions more convenient for people.

“Experience luxury living at Richlife Properties Limited, where quality meets affordability. As their brand ambassador, I’m delighted to share that they offer homes with flexible payment plans, starting with a minimum deposit of just 100,000 naira. Join me in exploring their beautifully designed properties and discover how Richlife can make your dream home a reality, without breaking the bank”, she said.

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