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Reading culture in the development of children in their formative years is the most crucial factor which form the basic foundation of the child’s education.

Creating a good reading culture that will enhance continuous learning in children should be the focus of both schools and parents. Although developing a reading culture takes time and requires the commitment of the parents, teachers, guardians, school heads and other people the children relate with during their formative periods. Creation of libraries both in schools and in the communities alongside the innovation of mobile library can also help to stimulate and reinforce quality reading culture in schools which will cut across all axis of the communities.

To create a good reading culture in children, they should be made to understand the impact of reading on individual’s achievement and why reading culture is important in their learning process.

The important of reading in general cannot be over emphasised but with the adventure of eBooks and the likes; reading activities can be done simply by pressing a button but reading hardcopy books is necessary for the development of the children. The children should therefore be allowed to carefully choose the type of reading medium to adopt.

To encourage the younger generation to read, it’s important for the parents to take the bull by the horn, it is not possible to encourage children to read when you as a parent do not read yourself. The children are more likely to read if they see you doing what you preach to them regularly.

Meanwhile, enough reading materials for all the children should be provided as this will enhance their willingness and will certainly prompt the children to adopt reading culture.

To enhance good reading that will prompt their learning culture, it is good to minimise TV time and to free the children from some rigorous house chores so that adequate and enough time can be dedicated on reading books as we all know that readers are leaders.

The children should be encouraged to read from a very young age and the parents should strive to read to them daily and oblige them the opportunity to see new words which will enhance their spelling skills and will help in building their vocabulary banks.

Reading goal is to encourage the children develop reading habits as long as what they are reading are not offensive, encourage them to get on with it and as they grow encourage and motivate them to participate massively and intensively in reading and spelling competitions both in school and in the community this will help boost their morals and confidence in facing crowd and will enhance them to confidently express their opinions and minds.

In conclusion, the earlier we start inculcating a good reading culture that will help boost their learning abilities the better it becomes. ’a stich in time saves nine’’.