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I wish to express some facts and issues relating to the political front.

First, there is the need to understand that in proving our political points, it’s self depreciating to present them in a way that makes the  opposing views look “stupid”.

Henceforth, I shall proceed to be as respectful as possible

There are more than two political parties in Nigeria and it’s democratically harmful that we are manipulated within two particular political partiesand  we willfully keep recycling them because they will win anyway

I shall be real with you,unseating an incumbent president in 2015 was a phenomenally liberating accomplishment and absolute liberation has never come in a year, nor has it in four. Talk about PDP or APC being the only feasible parties are merely reinforcing the status quo “recycle the old lot to bring in change”. You think PDP is any different from APC? Both parties have always exchanged players since 1999. PDP members have always defected to APC and APC members have always  done the same. In which case,  old PDP members in APC will tell you, PDP ruled without change for 16 years. Old APC members would tell you that Buhari is senile.

How long would we allow these people to toy with our freedom, intelligence and liberation.You want the lesser of two evils. But you ignore the path to democratic absolutism.

Our twitter trends and our social media outcries aren’t enough because they did not cater for any improvement. States refused to pay workers salaries for months but they end up paying months to election.This indicates that the salaries have always been available.

To be realistic and looking at it from a very narrow angle, APC specifically will win this election.But here is the deal, we know that even if we vote, APC or PDP  might still win and the danger we are trying to prevent might still occur.

Why not take a political curve ball and vote for who we know,  genuinely can change this country. We have suffered too much, so much that a graduates still earn as low as eighteen thousand naira as salaries.

Ask yourselves, do you really want a quick government fix or a battle in the next four years to unseat either Atiku or Buhari, or you’ll rather excercise your political power genuinely to elect worthy candidates that can serve you?Are you serving the opinions of the people ‘they’re too powerful” “it can’t be done” ?

We waste our time  truthfully debating on presidency and other political officies. Senate with 109 and House of Representatives with 369 members are the real political powerhouse of this country.Go after other parties  and vote out APC and PDP. Empower other parties with your vote if they are after true empowerment for the people.

If we spread the parties thin in the HOR and Senates and we have a Senate president that is neither APC nor PDP, then we might have a potentially true democratic front..But all this will be lost if  you go out come FEb 16th to vote for either ATiku or Buhari. Because you think if buhari gets in there it will get only more worse.

What’s wrose than graduating after 5 years in university (including asuu’s madness) earning 30k that’s if you even get a job

My vote belongs to neither Atiku nor Buhari because they both haven’t proven beyond doubt that they can steer this country.Its like being in a leaking lifeboat in the middle of the ocean and making someone captain because he has cello tape. All will sink at the same time. If that will be the case, then let’s not all die like a focusless sailor. Nobody is coming to rescue this nation, if you vote Atiku or Buhari. If you allow this happen then, in four years, you will find yourselves in the same argument parlance.

In Four years let us not all be choiceless. Let them be scared of election defeat, let us unseat them now. Let us have a Senate President that isn’t APC or PDP

Fela Durotoye has my vote without a single shred of doubt,

I will read up assiduously on all the house of rep and Senate candidates. Monitor the progress on that front and then we have to vote then (if we have to vote). I will choose based on merit and not make my decision a ‘damage controlled decision’

we shouldn’t wait till election day before dokng the great task. Let’s start this crucial assignment now and continue until we vote out these deceitful elements. If we start now, by 2023, we will move beyond whatsapp and Twitter  deliberations of how to vote out both PDP or APC.

Let us create a movement, let our voices be heard, so when our unborn children ask us in future, we should be able to tell them, ‘we actively played our own parts in liberating our own nation.

Don’t be scared of anything, talk to people, convince others, educate the ignorants, let them know what they actually worth and the strength of their PVCs.


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