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In a closed door heart to heart business and stock-taking meeting, former Imo State Governor, Senator Rochas Okorocha interact, interface, evaluate, assess, review and record critical issues of investment, business and other related matters with his six children, 3-Boys and 3-girls in a very inspiring family reunion.

Chief Okorocha before handing over reigns of power as Imo State Governor allegedly shared his WILL’S amongst his children, keeping some for Rochas Foundation, his wife and himself.

Okorocha’s children on their own invested heavily into real estate, tourism and hospitality business, fashion and beauty homes, ICT and like their father, setting up NGO with various nomenclature.

Amidst controversies, Okorocha’s children business drive are encouraging and inspiring too.

The six children are: Mrs Uloma Nwosu , Aham Okorocha , Mrs Uju Anwukah, Amen Okorocha , Miss Uchechi Okorocha, Amamchi Okorocha

Source – Ifeanyi