Nigeria: Plans For Change Without Action Is Nothing – Yanju Uwala


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During my school days (Secondary School and Tertiary Institutions), we do come across forums or seminars where Speakers will come and enlighten us and also challenge us on preparing for the future, there would be several examples of people that would be used as insights to give us boldness on how to give our future a good time ahead.

Looking into this various examples of great people used by these speakers, they might have been frustrated or even facing some hiccups at the beginning of their lives, but they still work it out to project a great future for them at end of the day.
We also have books written by them or by people on their behalf that speaks alot of their lives, we do read them, believing that it would be a good turning point for us likewise.

It’s not that these can’t really happen, if we know what we are doing and also follow laid down examples by these great people, but are we serious about making a change in our lives and making a great decision that will engineer us to a greater future?

That poser is one that needs to be answered by everyone of us, as it relates with issues bothering us as a country, Nigeria.

We keep on saying that Nigeria will be great, be better, will have a new turn-around, will succeed her counterparts, no doubt, these “prayers” are feasible, but are we really serious about making these work, how much are we working towards these positive changes in our country?

If we crave to make a change out of the bad, rather it keeps on getting worst, is that a means to have a better successful future?

As it relates with reports now, petrol is selling for N1000 at Abuja filling stations, while in some stations, it’s selling for N635, are we getting better or to the other side?

Recently, President Tinubu was reported to have suspend tariffs on foods importation like: Rice, Cereals, Wheats, etc, in order to reduce food scarcity within the country, we can that’s a good idea but at same way should we could importing these foods, why not empower our Farmers with Food Security.

There are still means to ensure that things gets better in our country, it is still possible but don’t let us forget that, “Faith without work is in nothing”, we can keep on praying towards making this happen but we need to also put in some logical actions to get it done, according to what Hebrews 11:1-40, has relayed unto us.

God bless Nigeria. Amen

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