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ESCOMS to Hold Practical Mass Communication Session

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As part of efforts to inculcate sound theoretical and practical knowledge on media operations and build more competent media practitioners in Nigeria, the Excellent School of Communication and Media Studies (ESCOMS) is set to hold practical classes for intending media professionals in mass communication.

The practical lesson will hold Beside Damsyl suites ,Off Mercy Road, Safari, Abeokuta, Ogun State.
According to the Coordinator of the Institution, Mr. Samuel Oladokun (Sam Oscar), Radio and Television Broadcasting, Cinematography and Photography, Advertising, Web Design and Development, Journalism practical sessions are on schedule. He also added that quality and comprehensive tutorial classes on all mass communication courses are available at the institution.

According to him: ”The practical session will help in building future media practitioners in Nigeria. Our objectives is to build competent and professional media personnel that will have maximal impact on the media world and society and to ensure students understand how media work is being done on the field”.

Mr. Oladokun explained that the practical classes will kick off next Friday, 12th July with Cinematography and Photography powered by the Amulero Film Empire (AFE) and it is expected to hold for four weeks He added that all equipment and professionals are ready for the commencement of the session.