The Ogun state house of assembly aspirant 2023, Surv. Taiye Taiwo, representing Ijebu East state constituency, has urged the university students to get employable skills while waiting for the striking lecturers reach agreement with federal government.

Recalled, The Academic Staff Union of University, (ASUU) strike began on February 14 and later extended the industrial action by another two months to afford the government more time to address all of its demands.

Surv. Taiye Taiwo in an interview granted in his office premises, advices the students to utilize the break doing something that would be useful to them in the labour market rather than roaming about the street doing nothing.

He said that: “an idle hand is the devil’s workshop, most of Nigerian’s graduates are unemployable or under-employed because they lack productive or effective skills”.

“Since Academic learnings have been on hold for weeks due to ASUU
(Academic Staff Union of Universities ) nationwide strike”.

“You should realized that you can be an INTERN to learn on Employability skills while you wait for resumption”. He urged Nigerian youth to be smart in time and life management, and give much thought for entrepreneurship in many economy sector of the country.

He added that: “No skill is a waste. It will either be useful for present subsistence, and/or future sustainability.”

He however, enjoyed them to search for organizations close to them for available internship space.

“Electronic/Internet Search engine like, Google will be useful in searching for Organizations close to your location and contact them to apply as an intern”.

What do we get to gain?

Employability Skills,
Knowledge on Career Path,
Team Work,
Work Culture,
and How to drive self and Organization’s goal, etc.

This will do the Society a lot of good in the nearest future. Youthful age of any society should be loaded for series of skills, knowledge, and world standard certification. With this, the future of our society will be assured and secured. He said.

While noting that most politicians are focusing majorly on the coming 2023 election, he urged the Federal Government, Ministry of Education and relevant stakeholders to take the issue of ASUU and EDUCATION with topmost priority, as he feels Education is suppose to be free from primary to tertiary, if Nigeria will be serious in her diversification agenda in adding KNOWLEDGE-BASE ECONOMY to her MINERAL RESOURCES-BASE ECONOMY. With this, Nigeria will climb the ladder to be greater than ever before. He said.

Surv Taiye Taiwo, is an Ijebu born Professional Surveyor and a politician vying to represent IJEBU EAST state constituency in OGUN STATE HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY under the political platform of A.P.C in year 2023 election.