Destiny will always prevail. Yes; the rough roads, traps and plans of the evil ones will only delay the manifestation of God’s initial plans but it will always prevail. Those who argued destiny can only be delayed are not wrong but delay can be very dangerous at times.

Someone who is destined to enjoy wealth till 60 years but it was delayed till 56, what kind of enjoyment does such person wants to go through for 4 years. This life is not an easy adventure. As we work towards greatness, we must be conscious and prayerful because the world has many corners.

The story of new Owaloko of Iloko-Ijesa is no different but God gave him victory. Despite being the choice of the people, he still passed through a lot of troubles and he was nearly denied the throne. Like many Obas who are products of government’s reactions, Oba Akeem Ogungbangbe is different. He is the product of kingmakers and peoples reaction and this was evident during my visit to the ancient town. During his trials, he remained resolute, steadfast and determined. He never got consumed in their games of hatred and frustration rather he was completely cool, calculative and progressive in thoughts.

Royalty is inbuilt. It comes with class and it can not be forced. Oba Akeem Ogungbangbe is a royal father with class. We have seen cases of royal fathers who could not let go of the past, becoming ‘John Cena and Undertakers’, unleashing terror and throwing punches to percieved enemies directly affecting the prosperity of the ancient town. Despite all he went through, Oba Akeem Ogungbangbe did not divide the town further but he is working day and night to unite the ancient town.

Three days ago, I visited the new Owaloko of Iloko-Ijesa, Oba Akeem Ogungbangbe during the final lap of traditional rites he must successfully underwent before he would enter the palace and sit on the throne of his forefathers.

Infront of the building that housed the new monarch, I counted tens of people who sat under the canopy as beneficiaries of the medical programme organised by a group of natives while other natives were entering the building in batches to pay homage to the new king.

To the people of Iloko-Ijesa, Oba Ogungbangbe is not just a king but the overall spiritual leader of the town and the “driver of prosperity”. Whoever emerges as the king must posses sterling qualities and great character to be able to withstand the test of time and carefully move the town to prosperity.

The new monarch has a great task ahead. This task is no doubt a challenge. He is not only sitting on a long time abandoned throne but he has a duty to fill in the gaps created by the vacancy and take the people on a fast lane to coverup delays.

I have no doubt in the capacity and capability of the new monarch to withstand the challenges and continue the rebuilding of the ancient town.

Apagunpote Olayimika Chocomilo

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