Allegation of nepotism, corruption and maladministration is currently rocking a Nigerian ethnic association in USA and Canada.

Following this development, the immediate past President of a chapter of the group, Egba National Association USA and Canada (ENA), Olumo Progressive Association Canada Inc. (OPAC), ‘Femi Shodunke, has urged his erstwhile colleagues to resign without further delay.

Shodunke, the Public Relations Officer of ENA, made the demand in his petition forwarded to the four officials, led by the National Chairman, Rev. Sunday Adepegba Gbajobi of Egba Yewa Descendants Association Washington DC.

Others are Vice Chairman, Omokayode Ogundimu (Egba Association of Atlanta, Georgia), Secretary-General, Fela Yemitan (Egba Progressive Association of Houston, Texas), and Treasurer, Femi Oyegunle (Egba Descendants Association, Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas).

Shodunke, who maintained that their continued stay is a disgrace to ENA, stated that his unyielding constructive criticisms of the Gbajobi-led leadership led to his maltreatment in the association.

He explained in his recent petition, copies of which were sent to four other officers of the association – Chief Whip, Social and Welfare Officer, Financial Secretary, and Assistant Secretary-General – that his renewed demand was due to the decision of the officers not to resign.

According to him, he had earlier sent his petition to the Joint National Council (JNC) and some members of the association to intervene by setting up a probe panel, which made Gbajobi, Ogundimu, Yemitan and Oyegunle to deceptively claim, at the recently held JNC meeting, that they were not aware of the complaint.

He said in the petition “Re: Petition demanding immediate resignation of Rev. Sunday Gbajobi, Kayode Ogundimu, Fela Yemitan, and Femi Oyegunle” dated April 24, 2021 that the request for resignation was the last, which would be in the record of the association.

His words: “For the last time, I am writing you for two major reasons: one, since your infantile clairvoyance claim that my prior letter did not get to your hands because it was not addressed to you; and two, for me to leave the record of your misdeeds in the annals of ENA for the coming generations to see the humongous level of atrocities committed by you all.”

The former President explained that he was not surprised that the officials refused to leave “in the face of incriminating allegations, despite your exposure to modern world, is still engraved in your psyche.”

He said: “This is why you refused to throw in the towel in the face of undeniably committing nepotism, corruption and maladministration while in office.”

According to him, he had pieces of evidence to support his allegations, just as he compared their refusal to the Nigeria’s Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Isa Pantami, who declined to resign over his past controversial views.

He said: “Am I surprised? Not at all. At least presently, your “father” in misdeeds, the Minister of Communications and Digital Economy in Nigeria, Isa Pantami, has decided to hang on to his office in the face of calls for him to resign following the discovery of his links with the dreaded extremist Islamic sects – Al Qaeda and Taliban.”

“But, why don’t you behave like your fellow Ogun State indigene, ex-Finance Minister, Mrs. Kemi Adeosun, who resigned based on principle when faced with undeniable corruption? You all lacked such pedigree,” Shodunke said.

“Shame! If you have a name, integrity and reputation to protect over your ginormous misdemeanors you should quit now,” Shodunke, a journalist, said while quoting some verses in the Bible.

He disclosed that he resigned last year as ENA image maker due to his displeasure with the running of the association.

“The above misdeeds, when I got teemed up, formed part of the reasons why I resigned, as Public Relations Officer (PRO), from ENA Executive Council in May 2020 before I was pleaded with – via a letter signed by Fela Yemitan – to rescind my decision, which I did. Since then, I was merely waiting with bated breath for the tenure to end,” he explained.

He declared: “Let me make it clear that should you decline to throw in the towel, I will plead with ENA members who cherish honour, integrity, detest corruption, and loathe lack of accountability, among others, to urge you to step aside and institute a probe panel where I will tender undeniable and provable pieces of evidence to justify my myriad of allegations presented underneath.”

Shodunke further said: “These undeniable proofs may, and will, include documents, conversations, video recordings, witnesses and other verifiable communication references – undiluted,” Shodunke stressed.

“Permit me, once again, to highlight your offences against ENA one by one with outstanding facts without currying unnecessary argumentum ad passiones or argumentum ad populum and argumentum ad misericordiam,” he added.

Shodunke listed some allegations against the officials and stressed that he was ready for the consequences of his demand “if it is court, no doubt, I dey kampe.”

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