Popular Ghanaian marriage counsellor Charlotte Oduro has entreated women who want peace and happiness in their marriages to adopt the strategy of giving their husbands good sex when the men offend them, rather than try to react to them in a like manner.

According to her, since two wrongs don’t make a right, women should not always get bitter towards their ‘wayward’ husbands and hide behind it to avoid discharging their wifely duties.

MyNewsGh.com reported counsellor Charlotte Oduro as having said this on Accra-based Okay Fm’s Ekwanso Dwodwo with Abeiku Santana.

“If one is not appreciating you not because of what you are doing, do not pay him back. Do your part as you must do it. I know when my husband comes home he needs to eat this, I need to pamper him, massage his legs and give him good sex. Some of the women say they cannot do that because they are embittered”, the news portal quoted her as saying.

Since peace was what she intended to foster in marital homes, counsellor Charlotte Oduro thought it prudent to say a word to husbands too.

She admonished them to pay attention to the other crucial needs of their wives aside from the material things.

“Also cultivate the habit of finding out from your wives what they need aside from the cars and money you have given them. Your time, your patience, how you address her and how you take care of her. It is not all about money. No!” she stated.

Well, as usual, some people will agree with her and others too will disagree.

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