By: Abubakar Attahir Zubair

No doubt, the educational sector is being considered as the panacea to the National development of every Nation, the sector helps reform the people who in turn reforms the society.

The educational sector of every Society or Nation could be seen as the goose that lays the golden egg, it gives birth to all other sectors of the economy, being it the religious or political sector of the economy. Using Nigeria as a case study, one could boldly tell that the present status of the educational sector is not promising as it should, and so therefore, the strength of it shoulders weakens on a yearly basis.

Today, the educational system of Nigeria is been faced with various attacks which leads to it fall. Justice has been denied of the Nigerian students, most especially by the established Nigeria Government schools. Poor education, poor learning infrastructures, shortage of qualified teachers and the frequently embarked strike actions.

Nothwithstanding, the necessity of the Nigerian child education has been of the reasons why the Federal Government makes a space provision for it budget. It is therefore the right of the Nigeria child to be given a sound education. Today, reverse has been the case as it saddens to see how lots of Injustices befalls the educational system by leaders who are meant to help build up the system. For the Nigeria students, the planned future has always been destroyed by educational chaos. Corruption has eaten up the educational system in Nigeria, so corrupt that every aspect of it becomes tradable.

From the start of COVID-19 pandemic, it could be clearly seen that Nigeria students in Government owned Universities remains at home till date as all hope of resumption has been lost due to the ongoing ASUU strike and COVID-19 pandemic. As a result of the same Injustice to the educational system, a lot of Nigeria students either makes a U-turn out of school to engage in alternate activities.

Indeed, when fairness, equity and time considerations becomes adequately demonstrated in our educational system by the Government, teachers and the society, a maximum output is surely bound to be achieved by the Nigeria Students.

A.A Zubair is a 300level student of Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto. He is an advocate for Society for Gender Equality, Educational Advancement and Struggles Against Educational Injustices in Nasarawa State.

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