Children are actually precious gifts from our Creator but directly or indirectly have been and will continue to be trials for some parents/guardians.

Prior to the notification stating that all schools should be closed temporarily as a result of the outbreak of COVID-19 in Nigeria, parents/guardians have been complaining bitterly about their children staying at home with them; complaining that their disturbance has been unbearable at home ever since the notice which on the other hand some parents are undoubtedly happy that at least, they will have some time with their parents compared to how it was in the past. But my question is; what the hell will you be doing for you not to have time for your children? It is quite unfortunate that many parents/guardians do not know yet that this is where we have got it totally wrong.

I mean, this is the main reason the whole nation is at the brink of collapsing (if it has not collapsed).

During the generation of our parents, their parents/guardians actually looked after them responsibly because they were almost always under their care with the aim of raising good and responsible children that would be useful to themselves, their family and the country at large.

On the other hand, driving our own generation, our parents/ guardians tried their best in the respect of having time with us in order to guide us whenever we are digressing so as to excel in all ramification though not as much as their parents had done previously. Perhaps, its declining second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day, week by week, month by month, year by year, decade by decade, century by century and generation by generation.

Alas! During the generation of our children which we have failed to raise responsibly, it will definitely decline towards the level of crashing down completely. Who are the causes of this? It’s definitely you and I as parents. It’s high time we got it right about the process of raising children that are physically, intellectually, emotionally, morally and religiously upright. Parents/guardians are meant to have it at the back of their minds that for their children to be successful, they really have numerous roles to play in this regard.

Parents/guardians of nowadays tend to pursue career and neglect their children thereby forgetting that their success and achievement will be measured with the successfulness of those children. This is because they would not be living in tranquility when they are old if these children are not successful and living fine.

Perhaps, when the children are in school, most parents/guardians tend to leave the entire responsibilities of these children for the teachers to carry out which would be too much for the teacher to carry out within the time he/she will be with the children forgetting that they also have children to look after when they get home. Let’s imagine the minimum of twenty parents/guardians handling over their children to a teacher; will he/she be able to handle all these children effectively and satisfactorily? Also, this will be coupled with various forms of assignments given to the teacher by the superior officers let alone his/her personal life he/she would be thinking about as a result of the poor remuneration of teachers.

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At this juncture, I believe it’s high time parents/guardians started to encourage the habit of training their children at home in all ramifications so that the work will be easier and faster for the teachers in the school. I have always believed and noticed that those children that have been looked responsibly after by their parents/guardians at home actually make a difference among their counterparts who are not properly looked after.

Responsible parents/guardians need to embrace the habit of imparting the good behaviours both morally and religiously before they get to the society as the society may impart these things in them in a wrong manner which will be at the detriment of having good children, families and nation.

When parents/guardians have played their roles effectively in their various homes, then the efforts of the teachers will complement theirs and we would definitely have better children, better families and a better nation at large. It’s high time saved generations and adjust positively to the aforementioned issue for a better Nigeria.

And to reach for a better Nigeria, it begins with you.

Educator Ridwanullah Atobatele (ESOTERIC PEN)

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