By: Abdulganiyu Mohammed-Hawal

In Nigeria, 2021 seems to be loaded with a lot of surprises as we day-by-day relate with several reports of life claiming events. Lost of lives becomes increasingly uncontrollable, if not caused by bandits attack today; it will be because of brutalities from supposed life protecting agents such that no day will pass without reading news of death. Murder became the order of the day. Testimonies from kidnapped victims become the real experience of the scary but fallacious stories our grandparents narrate to us at the comfort of an evening breeze below a tree. Yet, those saddled with the responsibilities of protecting the lives and even properties of every soul on this land are nothing to write home about.

And now in all of these, numbers of concerned citizens some in the right way and others with an unacceptable method tried to step in and hold the government accountable for their misdeeds. But what did they get in return and have their step actually yielded anything positive? And those that lost their lives because of the government’s irregularities only have their families take fake heartfelt condolence alongside a “we want to assure you that the government will find a solution” statement that will always come from a special assistant in place of his master.

Farmers now risk their lives to feed the nation because the farms have turned graves characterised by killings and abductions. Still, failed security officers on the other hand are being rewarded with a nation’s face position after retirement. What headway is Nigeria really going?

Not long ago, there were also reports that lives were threatened in a part of the country due to an inter-ethnic crisis which was symptomatic of the cause of the popular crises of KANO Riot of 1953.

Well, All still falls back to government’s reactive nature to sensitive matters of national security that actually deserve their proactive steps.

Equally, we should all remember that as Nigerians, it behoves on us to ensure we stay out of trouble and remain committed to national security and development. And, all stakeholders should come together and revamp the impeding disaster starring Nigerians on the face before it is too late to u-turn.

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