The Ogun State Coordinator for Progressive Young Women ,Dr. Temitayo Oderinde-Clement , has declared her readiness to get more women registered with the All Progressive Congress with a motive to get women into politics.

Dr. Oderinde who is also a Child Right Advocate made the declaration while addressing newsmen on Abeokuta, Ogun state capital, on the need for women to involved in politics .

She said membership with the APC would give women “accessibility and inclusiveness” but added that her bigger target is to get women onboard so as to occupy political office.

“Women in APC like our mother, Kemi Nelson, the woman leader had made it easy for you to be able to come into the party and leveled on advantages and key roles for good positions,” she said.

While urging women to participate in the APC membership registration and revalidation which is currently going on, she expressed her displeasure over the low participation of women in politics adding that women will contribute many positive impact if involved in politics.

“The drive is for us to have more women come into politics and actually take active roles and be part of decision making in politics and policy making because there are the key players in major issues in our day to day family activities .We want more women to be on board and register with our party, APC,” she said.

She said women participation in politics in the country is low and more of a subordinate and supporters role adding that women should take front roles too.

She pegged the level of female participation at less than five percent

“We can’t even meet up with the 10 per cent that is expected or the 30 per cent that is expected by the UN. We want Nigerian women to come up and live up to their responsibility of actually of coming up with their civil responsibilities and taking part in political activities.

“The involvement of women has not been intentional as leaders; we have women who participate, but as subordinate and supporters. They have not really come out intentionally to lead and they have not come up to actually take up key role positions. We want women to come up because we know we have capable women.

“If we can have about 30 million women come on board, that will make a lot of difference. If we say that 49 per cent of the population is made up of women, so, we have about 90 million women. If we can about 30 million on board, that is a very good one for us.

“The last election we had about 2,692 women coming out for elective position, only 62 were able to win both at the federal, states, all together,” she lamented.

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