– Bakenne Nureni

Destiny brought us together over 23 years ago, without inklings of what who will be, when? We met just like anyone could meet a fresh colleague of his, on campus but looking straight into his iris, it was full of politics.

We engaged, we interacted and cross-fertilised ideas with other friends of ours, whose brains could not sleep of ideas and innovations.

We both entered political waters. When he emerged as the Vice President of the Departmental Association, AMACOS, i became the News Editor of our journalism training publication – MAPECHO.

While the students’ Union movement was going on, our academics was soaring, just to display our “Aluta with sense”. Mass Communication department was a no-nonsense one. You must study as if tomorrow will never come.

As time went by, Walecentricism (political appendage at that time and still in use till date) was eyeing the highest position on campus – Presidency of the Students’ Union. Ditto for me! Before the race began, i had been elected the President of The Press Club on campus and the Students’ Union election drew nearer, i also signified my intention to contest, though, not against Wale Olanrewaju but as the Speaker of the Parliament, another powerful position. How feasible was this? Both of us from the same constituency, same department, same class, same bench, same friends we kept (even till now!), same State of origin and same political party (suprised? E don tey o).

Campaign of calumny began against both of us that we couldn’t have such juicy and powerful positions from the same territory and both of us obstinately resisted NOT to step down for each other. We went, we saw and we conquered, we broke the jinx!

Not only us, our department, in fact our level became the most powerful in the entire school. We had in our class the SUG PRO, Ganzallo BraGerian Victor, the Social Director, Adewunmi Adejumo, the President of Yewa/ Awori Student Association, Ganiu Fagbemi, President of Ijebu Student Association, Lola Ogunaike (Progressive Lady), President of Delta State Student Association, Jonathan Vode Emanaka, Chief of the Kegites’ Club, Chief Taiwo Abayomi, Abdus-semiu Osho (now practises journalism in the UK) was also an Exco in the MSSN. Not forgetting professional Broadcasters in our class – Ifekayode Akinbode, the Beatmasters Anchor on OGTV, Seun Davies and James Edafe, both of OGBC. Kazeem Kalo Africa Balogun was the Chairman, Graduating Muslim Front (GMF), Ayinla Ismail held forth as the Editor of MAPECHO while i will forever remain grateful to Yommy Gee. As the Commandant of Cadet Coy, he gave me maximum security support. In fact i enjoyed immunity of having special security force, protecting Mr. Speaker. One must not forget, in a jiffy, Babatunde Sheriff, who was the official photo journalist during the time. Baba Photo we called him because he would give blow-by-blow accounts of events in pictures. If not for him, the whole records would have fizzled away just like that. Oh, he was also a member of our Set. Thus, our class was referred to as Power Class as in Niger State – The Power State. The rest is history. But we truly Set the Pace, just like the motto of AMACOS.

To my friend and President, Akinwale Olanrewaju Walecentrism, you lost by just one vote during the last election, it pained you, we felt your pulse but you were not deterred. Yet, you were determined this time around and it was a landslide victory, just as your middle name implies, Victor.

As you emerged as the Chairman of the Penpushing profession at the Chapter level, i pray to God to give you the required resources to pilot the affairs to a logical end. Higher you go in your career.

Mr. President, as your Speaking Speaker (the only person permitted to Speak, as you can only talk), I congratulate you!!!

Mo yò fún e, mo yò fún raà mi!!!

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