I know it’s not OK but it’ll be OK without putting off the MIC if the Covid EDUCATION is treated as sensitive and most reasonable palliative to the Ogun people.

Education suffered in the hand of the last Government, SIA Administration, but this fact notwithstanding, Government is a continuum (Assets and Liabilities). The continuation must not be the bad ones but amelioration of the inhumane Vernon stocked into our throats.

The SixthSense Initiative is calling on our amiable Governor, Prince Dr. Dapo Abiodun MFR to tread slowly on the Covid-19 Student Test Certificate and its payment. On behalf of our parents, your constituents, I wish to state that a good rethink on payment for this exercise would be absolutely necessary His Excellency.

We believe and know that Covid-19 is real, threat to humanity and a pandemic, all must be done to arrest its spread, particularly as it may affect our children.

Education can save all the already battered governance on our land, it must not continue to suffer.

DA, our Governor, you are a listening leader, better than the former in responsiveness and grandstanding.

tSSi is calling for a rethink on payment for Students’ Test Certificate for Covid-19 before returning from examination.

Negative Covid-19 Test is very important but its payment is injurious

Abiodun Oladimeji Lasile
Founder and Coordinator
The SixthSense Initiative (tSSi)

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