The Lagos State Commissioner for Youth and Social Development, Mr Segun Dawodu has hailed the wife of the Governor, Dr. (Mrs.) Ibijoke Sanwo-Olu for her passion and commitment to welfare of vulnerable persons in the society.

Dawodu, who spoke on Tuesday while welcoming the First Lady to the Transit Home, Ayobo built by the State Government for the care of victims of domestic violence and trafficking, said it was on record that the wife of the Governor had demonstrated unrivalled passion towards the well-being of this category of persons.

According to the Commissioner, “The First Lady, Dr. (Mrs.) Ibijoke Sanwo-Olu has been supportive of everything we have been doing in our Ministry and she has shown care, concern and attention for children and people in need, people with disabilities and all vulnerable people in Lagos State.

“As such, this is not the first centre the First Lady is visiting. You (First Lady) have visited a number of other orphanages in Lagos State; you have visited rehabilitation centre at Majidun; as well as centre for disabled at Owutu in Ikorodu.

“So, I want to take this opportunity to appreciate the First Lady for supporting our Ministry and most importantly for her unrivalled passion and commitment to the well-being of the vulnerable in the society.”

Giving details about the Transit Home, its Administrator, Mrs Patience Ifeajuna said the home was specially designed to cater for the welfare of victims of domestic violence and trafficking.

“This is the Lagos State Transit Home, Ayobo for victims of domestic violence and trafficking. It is a place where we take care of those pregnant teenagers and their babies. We try to rehabilitate them by teaching them one or two skills which can be useful to them. Then also while here, they have access to healthcare and they have access to other school lessons. Some of them have been in this home and they have never gone to school before.

“So, when they show interest in going to school after they are brought here, we coach them from the home lesson aspect; then we now enroll them in proper school. Right now, we have about three people that are waiting to gain admission into the University out of the people we have been taking care of,” she said.

On the duration of stay in the home, she said: “Right now, we have 47 residents. However, we have capacity for 150-bed space. They stay here between a day and six months depending on when their cases are resolved and then they are released to their family members.”


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